What are online Games?

The online game is a form of online entertainment and leisure activity. Online gaming can be interactive in either or both of the following ways: via a computer or a mobile device. It may include social games, massively multiplayer online games, casual games, and serious games. Online games are also known as Internet games, paid games, free games, and freemium. The most popular form of it is on a personal computer, though other platforms include console systems such as the PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii, and mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Why do you want to spend your leisure time playing online games?

In the aftermath of Covid 19, the world has changed and people are now spending more time at home. The availability of the internet and mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets has made it easy to spend leisure time playing online video games. The percentage of the population spending time playing online games has grown rapidly in the last ten years. The amount of time spent playing online games has tripled in the last ten years. Online gaming is a rapidly growing industry, and it is estimated that it will continue to grow.

Internet games bring a lot of fun, however, these games are also associated with several negative aspects, here is a brief overview of positive and negative aspects of online computer gaming:

Positive Effects of Online Games:

Online Gaming has the following benefits:

1- Time Management:

Usually, online gaming has different types of levels and tasks which should be achieved within some specific time limits so in this way a gamer must learn time management skills.

2- Good for Mental Health:

E sport now is also a big source of mental health most gamers said that online gaming is a big source of stress relief, relaxation, and mental peace, it can also reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

3- Source of Knowledge and Information:

Nowadays line games are also a source of teaching education skills like mathematics, biology, coding, different countries Capital cities, and currencies, as well as gaming also helps deep learning and understanding abilities.

4- Hand-Eye Coordination:

Esports is best for hand-eye coordination because in gaming the information received from the eyes should directly use to the movement of hands to complete the task, moreover it is good for both fine- motor skills( e.g picking something up) and gross motor skills(e.g learning to walk)

5- Social Connection:

On line games are a source of socializing also in a way if you are playing a game in a group you can easily connect with others in a fun and entertaining way. Online gaming helps make new friends and socialize, almost in the same way as social networking. Nowadays, there are lots of online games, you can play with your friends as well as with other people around the world. Online games are a good way to make friends and socialize, even if you are playing a game by yourself. Some people, who don’t have any friends, play games to socialize, and others like to play with their friends.

6- Boost Competitive skills:

Online gaming is now an unavoidable part of kids, young and adults. The number of players keeps increasing every year and with it, the number of games as well. The competitive nature of the games is uniting people from all around the world, no matter what the language or cultural differences are. Although the competitive part of the gaming world is often underestimated, it is one of the main reasons why online gaming is so popular. The competition itself has the power to motivate everyone to improve themselves, to get better and better until they get to the point where they can beat everyone else.

7- Source of Entertainment :

Nowadays online games are the most famous source of entertainment, research shows that’s people not only enjoy playing games but also improve their mood swings and anxiety issues. Online gaming is a fun way to pass time and enjoy yourself. It is surely the best source of entertainment. There are numerous online games available these days.

8- Managerial Skills: 

Online gaming strengthen planning, controlling, and decision-making skills. Playing video games helps one to adapt to new situations and handle different challenges at a time.

Playing video games and taking part in e-sports is a good way of training the managerial skills of young people, according to an expert at the United Nations University. The UNU-MERIT’s Maurice Weiler said that playing video games is an excellent way of 


9- Source of Revenue: Commercial Benefits

Online gaming is also a great source of revenue, gamers take part in different competitions and win money prizes as well as many professional gamer posts their gaming tips and live videos on different social media platforms which is also a good source of income.

Online gaming can be a good way to earn money. Some gamers can earn money as a side job and some make enough to live off of doing it. The amount you can earn depends on the type of online game you play, how good you are at the game, and your ability to market yourself.

Negative Effects of Online Games:

Some of the major demerits of online gaming are discuss below,

1- Unreliable Gaming Websites:

One of the top demerit of online gaming is that many kids and adults downloads games from some unreliable websites which become the source of program or file that is intentionally harmful to a computer, network or server.

Online gaming is a very popular activity for many users. But it can be very harmful for users when some sites are making fake games for scamming the users and the game is harmful for the computer. There are many games which are claiming to be free. But the problem is that these games are giving a lot of advertisements which can be harmful for the computer. The games are made with viruses and the user will be asked to pay for the full version. The virus also can crash your computer if you will not pay. Many games are also stealing the user’s data, bank details and also the username and password. Some games are also made by hackers to steal the users’ data. The games are also the main reason for the stealing of the data of the users.


2- Costly:

Online games are really costly because it need many updating which requires a healthy amount to reach on the next level of the game.

Cost of the games depends on many reasons. The first one is that games are very expensive to develop. Game development need money, time and skills. The team that develops the game needs to be well paid and paid in a timely manner. This means that the budget for game development is quite high. There are several other costs, such as server costs and other costs. There are also costs that come from launching a game. Marketing, for instance, is quite costly. Other costs include public relations and other PR-related activities. This is why gaming is costly.

3- Addiction:

The top most demerit of online gaming is the addiction of it which badly affects the mental as well as physical health, lack of socializing and many other problems and diseases. The level of addiction depends on the game, the number of hours played, and the frequency of playing. Being addictive is the most common phrase now a days. People start doing some things which is not good for their health on a regular basis and then they become addictive to it. We can see the same thing with online gaming. Online gambling is a very good option when you want to pass your free time with full excitement and fun.

4- Craziness:

Online game may cause mental disorders if it played excessively. Continuously playing computer games become the source of anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure also.

Most of the games are very violent in nature and they involve killing, blood and gore. Although they are games, they should be taken seriously because they can cause mental disorders if played excessively.

5- Sleeplessness and Restlessness:

The problem of insomnia and trouble sleeping is common in heavy or frequent gamers, due to continuous watching screen the brain also get disturbed and some time panic attacks and feeling of restlessness also observe in high gamers.

6- Obsession of Alcohol and Smoking:

There are many things that have been suggested to have a bad effect on your health. A few of these things are drinking alcohol and smoking. These are two habits that most people who have tried them will tell you have a very bad effect on your body. Usually adults gamers have the habit of taking energy drinks and alcohol during their gaming time to make them fresh and to wake them up for long late night hours. Moreover some gamers also become addictive of smoking also.


We hope you enjoyed our article about online games and there different aspects in our lives. If you want to get more insight into the impact that internet games can have, we encourage you to read our blog post. We are always interested in hearing your feedback and thoughts on our articles. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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